Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called "General Conditions") regulate the use of the website www.artipistilos.com owned by Artipistilos S.L. a limited company registered with the below information in compliance with article 10 of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act 34/2002 of 12 July 2002: 

Artipistilos S.L. C.I.F.- B13118575.
Registered office: Prim, 45 - Apartado 27. 13610 - Campo de Criptana. Ciudad Real (España), 
Office registered in the Companies Registry of Ciudad Real, asiento 1276, folio 176, diario 13.

Certain services or contents contained in this website might be subject to "Special Conditions", which shall also be available at any time to the User of the mentioned website. The “Special Conditions” shall supplement or replace the “General Conditions” with regard to the use of the particular service they might refer to. The terms of the above mentioned “General Conditions” may be modified at any time by Artipistilos S.L. and adapted to comply with the legislation in force. Consequently, the agreement of the User to be bound by the terms of the Service will mean the agreement with any changes whatsoever made by Artipistilos S.L..


Conditions of access

Access to this website is free of charge for the User and does not require any subscription or registration whatsoever. However, the use of certain services might require a subscription, regardless the fact that the access to this website shall be free of charge at any time. In relation to the above mentioned, the user information required to access some of the Services shall be true and reliable. Consequently, the User shall be liable for the truth and reliability of the information submitted when filling the forms required to subscribe to any Service whatsoever. Equally, the user shall be liable for constantly updating the above mentioned information submitted to Artipistilos S.L. and for reporting any changes whatsoever to Artipistilos S.L., so that the information is at any time reliable and in accordance with the user current situation. In no event Artipistilos S.L. shall be liable for the inaccurate and/or untruthful information submitted by the User. The User shall be liable for such information and the consequent damage to Artipistilos S.L. or any third party whatsoever.

Intellectual property

All the contents available on the website of Artipistilos are subject to the intellectual property rights of ARTIPISTILOS S.L., and any other third party owner whatsoever of the mentioned intellectual property rights. In no event, the access of the User to the above mentioned website shall mean a total or partial disclaim, transfer or assignment of the intellectual rights by ARTIPISTILOS S.L. and any other third party owner of the mentioned rights. Equally, in no event the access to the website shall grant the user any right to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publish any content whatsoever without the prior express written authorization of Artipistilos S.L. or the third party owner of the related rights for such specific purpose. The access to the website shall grant the user the right to view and obtain a private back-up copy of the contents. The mentioned user rights shall be at all times enjoyed by acting in good faith. In the event of the private back-up copy of the contents, the user shall not grant the right to alter the “copyright” and any other information whatsoever related to the rights of Artipistilos S.L. and any other third party owner of such rights. The mentioned private back-up copy shall be made with non-commercial purpose whatsoever and solely for the purpose of the user personal reference.

Use of the contents

It is strictly prohibited to obtain (copy, etc.), in part or in full, and to privately or not use (distribute, publish, broadcast, transform, etc.) any contents whatsoever available on the website (for instance,
text, images, software, etc.) without the prior express written authorization or agreement of the owners of the mentioned contents or the owners of the rights related to such contents.


Artipistilos S.L. shall use "Cookies" with the purpose of speeding up the process by swiftly identifying each user. "Cookies" are small amounts of data containing a code which the server sends
to the User’s computer hard drive in order to identify the User. "Cookies" are only associated with an anonymous user and cannot access any personal data whatsoever or any information in the User’s hard drive. If the User does not wish to allow cookies in his or her hard drive, the User may set up the browser in order not to allow cookies.
Personal data protection

Artipistilos S.L. hereby states how the processing of personal data protection (hereinafter called "Personal Data") is managed. The User shall choose or reject at his or her own free will whether or not to provide the Personal Data required to subscribe or register for certain services offered by Artipistilos S.L. through the website. Artipistilos S.L. has the right to modify the herein Personal data protection policy in order to make it compliant with any law related changes whatsoever or to adapt it to the common practices within the sector.
The Personal Data collected will be automatically processed and saved in the corresponding files of Artipistilos S.L., being Artipistilos S.L. the owner and responsible of the mentioned files (hereinafter called "Files"). Artipistilos S.L. will provide the User with the proper technical resources so that the User can previously access the herein General Conditions or any other relevant information and agree afterwards to submit the Personal Data to Artipistilos S.L. . Please notice that it is not compulsory to fill in all the personal information fields, unless otherwise specified in some particular fields.
Failure to fill in the non compulsory fields shall not affect the quality of the services nor decrease the mentioned services, unless otherwise specified. 
The User shall own the right of objection, access, rectification or cancellation of the Personal Data saved in the Files in accordance with the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999. The User shall request Artipistilos S.L. , Prim, 45 - Apartado 27. 13610 - Campo de Criptana. Ciudad Real (España), by writing to object, access, rectify or cancel the Personal Data in accordance with the above mentioned act. Alternatively, the User shall contact Artipistilos by sending an email to the following address artipistilos@artipistilos.com in accordance and as indicated in the above mentioned act.
Customer complaint forms
Please notice that there are customer complaint forms available for our customers in our registered office and in compliance with Article 1 of the Royal Decree-Law 5/1997 of 14 January 1997.