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To make a good mask it is not enough to have the right materials. Just as important is to have the tools that allow you to do an impeccable job that guarantees the maximum protective capacity of the mask.

In Materials for Masks we put at your disposal all the sewing tools you need to make masks like a professional: scissors, needles and pins of all sizes, tape measures, glue, organizer boxes and much more.

Contact glue based on neoprene, very versatile and general use, to join a multitude of materials, especially provides excellent results to stick leather, wood, formica, rubber, cork, each other or combined with other...
Zig zag shears have teeth on the inner side of the blade, which after cutting the fabric, paper or upholstery create a serrated edge. Scissors are designed for all kinds of substances that can be cut with classic...
DescriptionA set of high quality markers made in Japan. They are waterproof, they dry immediately. It is not necessary to iron over them. They are suitable for light fabrics. You can use them on most fabrics, the most...
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