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The daily use of masks is becoming more and more common, leading to the emergence of new needs. As a result, a multitude of products specifically designed to facilitate the use of these personal protection tools are proliferating on the market.

In Materials for Masks we are well aware of these new needs, and that is why we offer a wide range of products that meet these demands: rods and bridges to adjust the mask to the face, ear protectors to prevent chafing, lace prisoners to modify the length of the laces to your liking, and much more.

ANTI-FOGGING FACE MASK CUSHION Easy to use: The memory nose bridge cushions feature self-adhesive design, easy to stick on the liner, which can help you adjust the degree of integration between different people and...
Safe and easy to clean: These adjustable anti-loss laces hold the masks securely in place. It is made of woven, waterproof and quick-drying cord. Light to wear: This clip is light and easy to carry,...
ANTI-GERM AND BACTERIA EFFICIENCY: eliminates 67% of the spread of germs and bacteria. LLAVE UNIVERSAL: It is made of metal, has a minimum size and can be attached to your key ring. ELIGE SAFETY: the contagion is...
User manual:1) On a dry and clean cloth, place the application. The fabric should not be starched.2) Place it on the ironing board so that the iron patch is under the fabric.3) Set the iron to 150 ° C.4) Iron for 8-10...
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