Safe and easy to clean: These adjustable anti-loss laces hold the masks securely in place. It is made of woven, waterproof and quick-drying cord. Light to wear: This clip is light and easy to carry,...
Safe Key Tool Safe Key Tool
ANTI-GERM AND BACTERIA EFFICIENCY: eliminates 67% of the spread of germs and bacteria. LLAVE UNIVERSAL: It is made of metal, has a minimum size and can be attached to your key ring. ELIGE SAFETY: the contagion is...
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Masks with valve, better or worse?

You may have noticed (if you don't have one yourself) that many people wear masks, either cloth or PPE, which include a plastic element attached to the front or side. This is not a filter, but an exhalation valve, a...

Disinfecting your masks: the most frequently asked question

One of the most recurrent doubts in these times is whether there is any possibility of disinfecting the masks in order to use them more than once, specifically those that are initially for single use.

Protect yourself against coronavirus: which masks to buy and how to use them

Deconfinement is advancing throughout Spain after more than 2 months of quarantine, but this does not mean that the battle against the coronavirus is over. We will have to live with COVID-19 for a long time, and to do...

How to know if your mask is good

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for masks worldwide, but also the frauds around this indispensable tool. The number of defective masks that do not meet the guarantees of protection has skyrocketed, but...